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What we publish

The Journal of Popular Romance Studies is an interdisciplinary journal publishing concise and well-written contributions to the study of popular romance media (e.g., love songs; romantic fiction and chick-lit; romance in film and TV, in comics and graphic novels, in memoir and life-writing, in fanfic and other forms of transformative culture, etc.). We also publish articles on the logics, institutions, and social practices of romantic love in global popular culture.

In addition, JPRS publishes book reviews, notes and queries, special issues, and reports from the classroom that outline techniques and tools, syllabus models, and practical pieces on the teaching of popular romance media and culture.

Authors are advised to familiarize themselves with the current state of popular romance studies before submitting, and those working on popular romance fiction are encouraged to make use of the academic bibliography at the Romance Scholarship Database.

There are no fees payable to submit to or publish in JPRS.

Formatting submissions

Research articles should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words, including notes and bibliography. Manuscripts longer than 10,000 words will be returned unread. Submissions should be Microsoft Word documents, with citations conforming to the journal style guide. Do not include your name or the name of any co-authors in the submitted manuscript.

Every submission must be accompanied by a completed Submission Form. Please send completed forms and manuscripts to Amy Burge, Managing Editor, at Incomplete submissions will not be considered submitted until all required documents are received by the journal.

JPRS publishes articles on a rolling basis, with occasional calls for papers for special issues. For more details, please see our Topics of Interest page.

Guidelines for authors

JPRS has a number of policies which authors should read before submitting to the journal.

Submission from editorial board members

Editorial board members (see Editorial Structure and Remit) are encouraged to submit to JPRS but must not be involved in editorial decisions about their own work. They must also declare their role and potential conflict of interest at the point of submission (see Conflict of interest). Submission from editorial board members will not be prioritised ahead of other submissions. For these submissions, the submitting member will have no involvement in the peer review or decision-making process.

All work published in JPRS is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC license, which allows individuals to share and adapt the work for non-commercial purposes as long as credit is given to the author. Authors retain the commercial rights to their work.

JPRS only publishes articles that have not been previously published (other than preprints – see preprints policy). Any material submitted to be considered for publication will be automatically assumed (a) not to have been published before, and (b) not to be under consideration for publication in any other venue at the time of submission to JPRS.