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Book Reviews

A book review should provide a useful summary of the text and evaluate its achievement in and relevance to popular romance studies. Book reviews may be short pieces on individual works (1,000-1,500 words), longer considerations (2,500-3,500 words), or review-essays which discuss a group of related texts (over 3,500 words).

Reviews of individual works are not sent out for peer review, but they must be accepted by our Book Review Editor, and will be edited for clarity and content. Authors of reviews of multiple works may request that their essay be sent out for peer review.

Below is a regularly updated Padlet (also accessible at of books available for review. The book review editor is interested in receiving notice of forthcoming publications and potential titles relevant to popular romance studies. These titles may be either traditional scholarly monographs or books intended for a general interest audience. In addition to recently published and forthcoming titles, the editor also considers especially relevant older titles that may have been previously overlooked. This journal does not review fiction.

The book review editor is also actively seeking potential reviewers from various disciplines and fields of expertise. If you are interested in reviewing one of the titles below, or if you are interested in reviewing more generally, please contact the editor at

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