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Notes and Queries Section

The Journal of Popular Romance Studies invites scholars, readers, and writers to send in notes, questions, and answers on topics of concern to the study of popular romance. This section hopes to create a more immediate dialogue on issues and trends in the field. Moreover, it offers the opportunity for our community of scholars to share insights on aspects of popular romance that would not fit the scope and requirements of a more traditionally published academic article.

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CALL FOR PAPERS:  Instigations (an Ongoing Series)

Rolling Deadline

 The JPRS Notes and Queries section invites submissions for a new, ongoing series of personal essays, ~1500 words in length, on the theme of “Instigations.” These essays can reflect on the origin of your current project in popular romance studies, or they can look back farther to some starting point for your interest in, your scholarship on, or your preferred approaches to the study of popular romance culture. As you will see from the first round of essays—contributions from JPRS editors Amy Burge, Amanda K. Allen, and Eric Murphy Selinger—we are open to contributions in a range of structures and authorial voices, and to essays that talk about the instigating force of fiction, theory, popular music, or any other medium.

Essays for the Instigations series are not subject to peer review, but will undergo editorial review before publication.

To propose an essay or submit a draft, contact the Notes and Queries Editor at

Click here to view a PDF of this CFP: Instigations CFP

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In addition to the “Instigations” series, we’re accepting submissions for general Notes and Queries, which may fall into one of the following categories.

Notes from the Field are:

  • Short, with an upper word limit of 1,500 words
  • Oriented towards illuminating a specific topic or particular aspect of popular romance culture, narrative, reading practices etc., or providing small-scale studies (close readings) of individual texts
  • Relevant to developing ideas and practices connected to immediate concerns, problems, or issues within the field

Queries are:

  • Very short, with an upper word limit of 500 words
  • Oriented towards receiving an answer from members of the romance reading community (scholars, readers, writers, and publishers)
  • Interested in formally soliciting expertise and knowledge that more traditional avenues of research might not yield
  • Aimed at cultivating a written record of institutional and community knowledge

Answers are:

  • Very short, with an upper word limit of 1,000 words
  • In reply to, or comments on, previous published queries
  • Interested in creating a dialogue among scholars, publishers, writers, and readers to further the shared knowledge of the field

The format for notes and queries will be flexible, but should be similar to a book review or a letter to the editor.

Notes and Queries are not subject to peer review, but will undergo editorial review before publication.

Please send any submissions to the Notes and Queries Editor at